Disposal Process

From initial collection to your asset disposal report we keep the process as simple yet secure as possible

The Disposal Process

1. Initial Contact

We will ask for your location , how many items need to be collected and the general age of the items. At this point we will send you the service agreement via email.

2. Collection Report

We will forward on a spreadsheet which will contain general questions about the items for collection . Depending on if you would like to claim a rebate this must be completed. If not this step can be skipped. Once forwarded to us we can advise if a cash rebate is possible.

3. Collection

We will arrange a suitable time for us to come and collect the items from your business. This can be out of normal working hours if required.

4. Arrival At Our Facility

Each Item which arrives at our facility will be asset tagged , serial number logged , and report generated.

5. Report Composed

We will provide a report with the following information for each item. Manufactuer , Serial Number , Model , Asset number.

6. Secure Data removal & Recycling

Once we have recieved confirmation , the devices will go through our secure data wipe process, for each collected device we will log the method in which the data was removed .

Example Asset Report Please click the below link to view an example of the report which you will recieve

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