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One of the biggest concerns when disposing of any redundant IT equipment is sanitization and destruction of sensitive data. Each item will be inspected on a case by case basis to ensure your data is securely removed using the most appropriate and secure method. Most of our services carry no charge as we aim to reuse all collected items and this is how we are able to offer our reliable free IT recycling services in Leeds.

We offer the following to all Leeds based businesses So why choose us ?

Free Collection

We offer free collection & disposal on almost all items. With the potential of a rebate depending on the age and condition of the items collected.               (10 items minimum)

Free Data Destruction

All collected items will be inspected and the appropriate action will be carried out to ensure all sensitive and private data is removed.  If the item cannot be securely wiped it will be physically destroyed

Asset Report

A full asset report will be provided after your items have been processed. This report will be forwarded within 72 hours of collection

Rebate Process

We try to re-use all collected items and may be able to offer a cash rebate. We will buy any IT hardware of any age offering a competitive price

What Are The Benefits Of Secure Data Destruction?

Peace Of mind

Rest assured that your data has been completely destroyed from your redundant IT hardware. Knowing you can avoid the huge potential fines which GDPR can impose.

Saving the environment

Where possible we will try re-purpose all items which have been collected . If not possible the item will be recycled to its best potential, avoiding items ending up in a landfills. 

Compliant with legislation

All items destroyed are compliant with all relevant legislation , each item collected will be documented with a certificate of complete data destruction , complying with GDPR & the Data protection act.

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