Rebate Process

Rebate Process

At the initial point of contact we will ask for a list of assets which you would like to be recycled

If we are provided with an accurate list of items (Model numbers , age , working etc) we will be able to verify if you are eligible for a rebate

Once collected we will inspect all items individually to make sure all items are as described

Although most rebate costs will be appended to the disposal and secure removal of data there is still the possibility of a cash rebate

If you would like your data securely removed free of charge with no rebate then the list is not required

Sell your IT Hardware

Competitive pricing

We will offer you a fair price for your hardware (usually items 0-2 year old)

Free Collection

Collection will be free from your premises 

Quick Payment

Payment will be made at within a few hours , if items can be shown as described before collection , payment can also be made before the hardware leaves your premises . 

Secure Data Removal

All collected hardware will go through our secure data removal before re-sale, ensuring complete sanitization of your data

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