About us

Chaps IT Recycling is based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. No collection is too big or small. The protection of your sensitive information is our our number 1 goal.


Chaps IT Recycling started in the IT consultancy sector in 2009, branching into IT recycling once realising the true impact in which old IT assets were having on the environment.

Most items which leave a company will end up in landfill contributing to the ongoing environmental issues which the UK are battling on a daily basis and are only getting worse. There are potentially serious consequences for you and your company if you do not comply to environment agency legislation.

These consequences include fines, bans on your products and even imprisonment. You must make sure your organisation is playing their part in preventing the redundant IT equipment ending up on waste sites and landfills. 

Why Choose US?

Chaps IT Recycling has acquired a waste exemption from the environmental agency. This means our facility and practices comply with the rules and regulations which the environmental agency have set out in order to make sure that WEEE waste is collected and treated correctly. (This can be verified in the footer of our website)

  • We will prioritise your collection which is usually within 24-72 hours
  • Our services carry no charges
  • Secure data destruction carried out on all collected assets which hold data
  • Secure data destruction certificate provided including report of items for each collection.

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