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Secure Data Destruction

The eradication and destruction of confidential information is a major worry when getting rid of IT equipment. Given the constant danger to data safety, safeguarding your sensitive information ought to be a top priority. As technology continues to advance and cyber threats become more sophisticated, it is crucial to take adequate measures to protect confidential information when disposing of IT equipment. Failing to do so can lead to severe consequences, including data breaches, identity theft, financial loss, legal liabilities, and damage to reputation.

Eliminating data entirely can be a challenging task, but we are here to manage and streamline the procedure for you.

Physical Destruction

The Data Media is physically removed/dissembled, drilled punched or crushed. Ensuring the data recovery is not possible. A Physical spike will be poked through the hard drive mending the metal or individual chips will be drilled. 

We Will Protect Your Company or Organisations Data

With the legal responsibilities which are imposed by GDPR & the Data protection act our main priority is to ensure that all data is removed from any collected assets before they are refurbished or re-sold.

Data removal is our main priority and if we are not 100% confident that your data has been removed and destroyed from any devices the device will be default be physically destroyed.

Data Overwrite/Blancco

Data is overwritten multiple times using software which generates strings of random characters. We work with Blancco an industry leader in data destruction & can provide a certificate for each data bearing asset which guarantees that a NCSC approved method of data destruction has been carried out on the data media. 

Onsite Data Destruction

With our purpose built vehicle we can travel to your site & ensure all data is destroyed from collected device before they leave your premises, you can find out more about this service by clicking here
We offer this service to ensure we can work with your company and adhere to any internal company policies. As an ISO9001 & ISO27001 Registered company we can comply with required policies and procedures

So Why Choose Us Over Other IT Recycling Companies?

Fully Audited & Transparent Solution
We have been fully vetted by the environmental agency and hold the correct licences to legally process, transport & store your used IT equipment, allowing us to offer our services to all businesses & organisations

Zero Cost to Your Company
Unlike other companies that may impose hidden charges, we guarantee with confidence that all items will be collected at absolutely no cost, ensuring complete transparency and no hidden expenses.

Secure Data Destruction and Enhanced Reporting included as standard
At the time of the enquiry, you will be supplied with an Example Report, Service agreement & all the relevant SLAs and timeframes which we will implement to ensure your data is destroyed quickly and efficiently. We include an enhanced level of reporting, Marking down each collected asset individually & including these in the final Report. 

On-Site Data Destruction
We now offer on-site data destruction to all our customers. This means we can destroy the data on your company site before recycling your IT assets. More information can be found about this service by clicking here. This is our most secure solution which we can offer in some cases at Zero cost to your organisation

Chaps IT Recycling Van

Frequently Asked Questions

  • With our expertise, tools, and experience, we guarantee eco-friendly disposal of your IT assets, whether by refurbishing them for resale or extracting precious metals from disassembled devices. We understand the value held by both new and old assets and are capable of offsetting any costs associated with processing, all while prioritizing environmental sustainability