Secure Data Destruction

One of the biggest concerns when disposing of any IT equipment is the removal and destruction of sensitive data.

Each item will be inspected on a case by case basis to ensure your secure data destruction is carried out on all collected IT equipment.

The Following Methods Are Used To Ensure Secure Data Destruction

Physical Destruction

The Hard drive is physically destroyed . Making all data unreadable. The Device will be crushed using our specialised machine

Data Overwrite

Data is over-written multiple times using software which generates strings of random characters. This makes the data inaccessible and irretrievable. If the device fails the overwrite process it will be physically destroyed

What Are The Benefits Of Secure Data Destruction?

Peace Of mind

Rest assured that your data has been completely removed any destroyed from any device which has been decommissioned from your company. Knowing you can avoid the huge potential fines which GDPR can impose

Saving the enviroment

All items which are not repurposed will be forwarded to the correct facility for recycling

Compliant with legislation

Removing data using our methods will make sure your company stays GDPR compliant

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