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Data Shredding Doncaster

If you’re seeking a dependable partner for your business or organisation, someone you can trust implicitly to manage your highly sensitive company data during an IT refresh or upgrade, then search no more, because Chaps IT Recycling is a perfect choice!

Our services not only ensure reliable, secure and sustainable solutions but we also take pride in the policies and procedures which we have in place to protect your sensitive information. Join us in promoting sustainability and responsible e-waste management by choosing our services for your Data shredding in Doncaster

Our IT recycling services are free of charge to all businesses & organisations Why choose us ?

Secure Fast Collection

Typically, we can retrieve the collection within 24 to 72 hours of the initial enquiry, and we offer the flexibility to schedule the pickup during regular business hours or outside of them. Our fleet is equipped with full tracking capabilities, ensuring a thorough and audited solution.

Secure Data Destruction

Once collected, all items will undergo an inspection, and necessary measures will be taken to eliminate any sensitive or confidential data. In cases where secure wiping is not possible, the item will be physically destroyed.

Asset Report & Certificate

After processing your items, a report will be sent to you, outlining all relevant information about the collected assets and the method in which data destruction was carried out.
The report will also contain a certificate of secure data destruction, confirming that all necessary obligations to the Environmental Agency, GDPR, and the Data Protection Act have been successfully fulfilled.

Fully Insured & Compliant

We have been inspected by the environmental agency who have confirmed we are following the strict practices they enforce for all WEEE recycling companies. Ensuring waste is collected and treated in the correct way.
Furthermore, we maintain ISO 9001 and 27001 compliance systems, and we undergo annual audits to ensure their proper implementation.

Chaps IT Recycling Van

The experts of Data Shredding & Data Destruction in Doncaster

Chaps IT Recycling offers free-of-charge IT disposal, Including Data shredding and asset management to all business sectors based in Doncaster & all of the mainland UK.

Our comprehensive IT retirement process follows a transparent 5-step service, starting from the initial contact and concluding with the delivery of a detailed report and a certificate of secure data destruction. This process includes inventory and assessment of your IT assets, secure data destruction, eco-friendly disposal and recycling, logistics and transportation, as well as reporting and certification. Our ultimate objective is to promote sustainability and responsible e-waste management while offering dependable and secure Data Destruction services to our valued clients in Doncaster.

At Chaps IT Recycling, we employ a variety of techniques to guarantee the safety of your data throughout the collection, processing, and destruction phases. We customize a diverse array of solutions to align with your company’s policies, service level agreements (SLAs), and procedures. Rest assured that your data is in secure hands with us.


Client Reviews

See our 5 Star reviews from organisations and businesses who have recently used our services.

  • Really impressive service. There was a short deadline for collection and they were able to work with this and collect all items and process them very quickly to provide a... read more

    Lewis Head Avatar Lewis Head
    April 22, 2024

    Extremely efficient service and super friendly staff.

    April 16, 2024

    À pleasant and personable team greeted me when taking some old PCs and monitors for recycling I was so glad to be able dispose of the items so responsibly.... read more

    Martin Coyne Avatar Martin Coyne
    April 16, 2024
  • Came to collect our WEEE - simple process which was also free for us based on the number of items we had. They promptly sent us the IT Asset Disposal... read more

    EDGE Consulting Engineers Avatar EDGE Consulting Engineers
    March 26, 2024

    Brilliant service and communication from all the teams at Chaps. Will be using them more often.

    Abby Avatar Abby
    March 23, 2024

    Great service, great price & very helpful friendly staff. Would recommend 🙂

    Cheryl Gray Avatar Cheryl Gray
    March 23, 2024

Why Choose Us?

We Help 100s of companies dispose of their Redundant IT Equipment Each Year

Fully Compliant

DBS Vetted Staff

Secure Audited Solution

Zero cost to your business or organisation

Release Value from your old IT Assets

Highly accredited with a great reputation

Accreditations & Insurances

T11 Exemption   - NC2/061989

Waste Carriers Licence  - CBDU463128

ISO 9001

ISO 27001

Employers Liability Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Cyber Insurance

When it comes to Data Shredding, our key differentiators separate us from other IT recycling companies in Doncaster

No Cost to your Business or organisation
Unlike other companies that may have hidden charges, we can confidently assure you that we collect items from all Doncaster-based businesses completely free of charge, without any hidden costs. We prioritise providing a cost-effective solution for your Server Recycling needs.

Fully Audited & Transparent Solution
We have undergone thorough evaluation by the environmental agency and possess the necessary licenses to lawfully process, transport, and store your used IT equipment. This enables us to provide Server Recycling services to businesses in Doncaster and located throughout the UK. You can trust that our operations meet all regulatory requirements and ensure responsible handling of your IT assets.

Choice of Data Destruction Method
We offer multiple methods of data destruction from software to physical destruction. More information about this can be found by clicking here
At Chaps IT Recycling, we will always choose the most secure method which is suited to the data medium whilst attempting to re-use any data-bearing items. Ideally, we will avoid destroying any items which will retain resale value.
However, data is at most paramount importance and if we are not 100% confident in the method of data destruction the device will be physically destroyed. We give our clients the choice of method as per their internal policies which other IT companies may not offer.

On-Site Data Destruction
In our dedication to security, we are pleased to introduce on-site data destruction services exclusively for our Doncaster customers. This service allows us to securely destroy your company’s data on your premises before proceeding with IT asset recycling. For further details regarding this service, we may even offer this highly secure solution to your organisation in Doncaster and surrounding areas at no cost in specific instances.

More information can be found about this service by clicking here.

IT Recycling Doncaster

Frequently Asked Questions

  • With our expertise, tools, and experience, we guarantee eco-friendly disposal of your IT assets, whether by refurbishing them for resale or extracting precious metals from disassembled devices. We understand the value held by both new and old assets and are capable of offsetting any costs associated with processing, all while prioritizing environmental sustainability

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