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Finding A Trusted Partner For IT Asset Disposal

By Dominic Chappell

IT Recycling Partner

Finding A Trusted Partner For IT Asset Disposal

IT Recycling Partner

Lets face it, Finding a Trusted Partner for IT Asset Disposal can be difficult. With lots of companies joining the IT asset recycling sector over the past few years its like navigating your organisation through a minefield.

From the companies that offer a completely free service, how do you know their doing their obligations for GDPR and the data protection act? The last thing your organisation needs is a letter from the ICO advising you’ve had a data breach.

But what if we told you we could provide compliant, secure, data destruction & ethical recycling for items which cannot be repaired, refurbished or re-sold. Whilst providing the industry leading rebates & asset purchasing solutions allowing you to max the ROI on your redundant assets.

The days of the large organisations charging fees for disposal, processing & providing no rebates to you for assets which are later resold for large amounts are over. Most working assets under 4-5 year old will hold resale value which means IT recycling partners should be providing you with a slice of the resale pie! Most larger organisations work on a 3-5 year refresh procedure meaning most IT assets will fall under this category.

IT Recycling for Education

1. Check their credentials

To find a trusted partner for IT asset disposal, it is important to verify that they are registered with the appropriate authorities and possess the necessary accreditations and insurances. Additionally, they should have established processes and procedures for handling sensitive data-bearing assets.

  • Environmental Agency exemption/permit
  • ICO – Information Commissioners Office registration
  • Good reviews and reputation – Testimonials from real customers
  • ISO Accreditations specific to the industry
    9001, 27001, 14001
  • Insurances
    Public Liability, Professional indemnity, Cyber Insurance, Employers liability
  • Presentable sign written vehicles
  • Correct documentation provided on collection
  • Contract & info on SLAs for data processing timescales
  • Social media followers & active online presence
Chaps IT Recycling Van

2. Confirm their data destruction techniques

After a data-bearing asset is collected from your company, the IT recycling partner is responsible for securely destroying the data on the device before recycling or reselling the asset.

Failure to do so correctly could lead to data breaches, potentially resulting in significant fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and harm to your company’s reputation.

More information on Secure Data Destruction can be found by clicking here


3. Dont prioritise the security of your organisations data over the highest bidder

Some WEEE recycling companies may offer high prices for IT assets, often exporting them in bulk to refineries abroad. However, there have been instances of hard drives with private data reappearing on eBay, or the absence of an audit trail for data-bearing assets.

These companies may not have the knowledge, policies or procedures to ensure secure data destruction and provide your organisation with the correct documentation required to prove your innocence in a data breach.


4. Request an estimated purchase price for your IT assets before collection rather than expecting a rebate at a later stage.

Lots of IT recycling companies will provide rebates once the item has been processed and sold. This process can take weeks to release any value for your assets. Any reputable company should be able to pay outright for these assets & provide an estimate of the purchase value prior to collection. 

When your IT assets are collected, processed, and sold by a third party, you may have limited influence over the selling process, potentially reducing the ROI from your IT assets.

Does hard drive wiping completely remove data?

5. Proof is in the pudding lets see the final results!

From inquiry to reporting, a comprehensive audited solution is essential. A reputable IT asset recycling partner should provide an example report demonstrating secure data destruction that aligns with your internal policies.

All reporting should note the following for collected data bearing assets. 

  • Category
  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Hard Drive Serial Number
  • ITAD Asset Reference
  • Customer Asset Reference
  • Method Of Secure Data Destruction (With Supporting Certificate)

Understanding the key considerations when finding a trusted partner for IT asset disposal and identifying a compliant company to maximise ROI on old assets while avoiding potential exploitation is important. However, transitioning to this new partnership and experiencing increased ROI can be more challenging. Rest assured, we’re here to help.

Im Dom, and i’ve been where you are.

I understand that many organisations face challenges when searching for a reliable IT asset recycling partner while avoiding industry salespeople who prioritise profits, cut corners, and offer subpar value and service.

Thats why I founded Chaps IT Recycling LTD, an organisation which can be trusted to handle & destroy your sensitive data whilst providing the top Return on investment on your redundant IT Assets. 

Working in the IT sector building infrastructure for small, medium, large & enterprise businesses my solution has been completely tailored from the inside. I understand the market the industry & the importance of secure compliant data destruction, this knowledge has been transformed into policies & procedures which our team follow closely.

Want to see how we can help your organisation? 
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Dom Chappell Chaps IT Recycling

Benefits of working with Chaps IT Recycling


Nearly all organisations that reach out to us discover pricing that outperforms our competitors. This includes asset purchasing and minimized disposal costs for assets that hold no value.


A variety of data destruction solutions are available for all data-bearing assets, ranging from software-based methods to physical destruction. These measures help prevent data breaches and ensure compliance with GDPR regulations.


Our enhanced reporting is included with every collection, setting us apart from other companies. This ensures a complete audit trail for each individual asset when it leaves your organization.


See our 5 Star reviews from organisations who have recently used our services.

  • Really impressive service. There was a short deadline for collection and they were able to work with this and collect all items and process them very quickly to provide a... read more

    Lewis Head Avatar Lewis Head
    April 22, 2024

    Extremely efficient service and super friendly staff.

    April 16, 2024

    À pleasant and personable team greeted me when taking some old PCs and monitors for recycling I was so glad to be able dispose of the items so responsibly.... read more

    Martin Coyne Avatar Martin Coyne
    April 16, 2024
  • Came to collect our WEEE - simple process which was also free for us based on the number of items we had. They promptly sent us the IT Asset Disposal... read more

    EDGE Consulting Engineers Avatar EDGE Consulting Engineers
    March 26, 2024

    Brilliant service and communication from all the teams at Chaps. Will be using them more often.

    Abby Avatar Abby
    March 23, 2024

    Great service, great price & very helpful friendly staff. Would recommend 🙂

    Cheryl Gray Avatar Cheryl Gray
    March 23, 2024

 How it Works

Step 1: Enquiry & Welcome pack

Either book a call or complete the form below. We will need photos or a list of kit which you wish to recycle & supply you with our welcome pack advising on how our collections are categorised.

Step 2: Categorisation & purchase price advised

We will categorise the collection and advise on the level of service which we can offer. At this point we will also advise of if the assets you wish to recycle hold value or if any disposal fees that cannot be offset will be applicable. 

Step 3: Collection & Processing

Assets are collected securely, logged and inspected where a return in value to the customer has been advised prior to collection. Devices have their data destroyed within the SLAs & methods set-out in our supplied documentation. 

Step 4: Reporting, Certificates & Payment

You will receive a detailed report of secure data destruction including secure data destruction certificate. At this point we will make payment for any IT assets which were purchased.

Here’s What You’ll Get…

Secure Data Destruction - With certificates per asset

Enhanced Reporting - All collected assets accounted for

Best Return On Investment - Industry leading prices paid

Fully Insured Solution - Industry required insurances 

Environmental Agency Registered 

DBS Vetted Staff

Onsite Data Destruction - Our shredder on your site *

Reputable Company - Real Reviews and accreditations

Peace Of Mind - You can sleep at night, your data is safe!

Environmentally Friendly - 0% Landfill Policy

ISO 9001 27001 & 14001 Accredited Company

Transparent Fully Audited Solution

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