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We Protect Your Data!

Chaps IT Recycling is a provider of Free sustainable & secure IT asset disposal & data destruction solutions for businesses & organisations across the UK

We Protect Your Data!

Chaps IT Recycling is a provider of Free sustainable & secure IT asset disposal & data destruction solutions for businesses & organisations across the UK

Data Destruction & IT Asset Management Specialists

Chaps IT Recycling provides Secure IT Recycling & Asset Disposal solutions to businesses and organisations across the UK. We currently hold a UKAS-accredited ISO management system which allows us to ensure the correct policies and procedures are implied to our internal processes.

Our Solutions are vetted and below are some of the key factors as to why our Free* solutions are superior to our competitors. 


Fully Insured


Nationwide collections


Industry Leading Rebates & Purchasing


DBS Vetted Staff


DBS Vetted Staff


WEEE & GDPR Compliant


ISO9001 & ISO27001


Free* Service


Secure Guaranteed Data Destruction

Asset Purchasing & Rebates

Through our extensive network of suppliers and clientele, we guarantee that your organisation can maximise the return on investment from any redundant IT assets.

Secure Data Destruction

CITR provides secure data destruction solutions to all collected data-bearing assets, we offer on-site when/if required to meet you internal policies and procedures

WEEE Disposal

We handle the responsible and environmentally friendly disposal of various types of old computers, redundant IT equipment, and electronics.

Server Disposal

We provide comprehensive server disposal and recycling services to safeguard against data breaches and ensure optimal security.

Laptop Disposal

We are a trusted provider of secure and environmentally-friendly services for old laptop recycling and disposal across the United Kingdom

Enhanced Reporting

Our services come with enhanced reporting as a standard. This is usually a chargeable extra when provided by our competitors

On-Site Data Destruction

To meet your internal policies and procedures we offer destruction of your sensitive information before it leaves site

Free IT Recycling

We provide comprehensive IT Recycling and Disposal for all IT Related Assets to all UK Based organisations

Complete IT Recycling & Disposal Solutions

Chaps IT Recycling provides free-of-charge IT disposal, recycling & asset management to all business sectors based in the UK. Through experience, we have created solutions for our customers that not only provide quick turnaround times but provide you with a feeling of security knowing your data has been processed correctly & your redundant IT assets will be collected & treated correctly.

As a specialist computer disposal company with a background in IT solutions & infrastructure, we provide and implement the best-proven methods and procedures to ensure your redundant IT assets are handled securely and disposed of correctly.

Our complete IT retirement process offers a transparent 5-step service starting from the initial contact to the delivery of the report & certificate of secure data destruction.


IT Recycling provided free of charge to all sectors


Secure Data Destruction

Chaps IT Recycling understands at the utmost paramount how important a company or organization’s data can be. We deal with marketing agencies, architects, graphic designers, and many other companies which have Terabytes and sometimes Petabytes of sensitive information. If this data were to be discovered by a competitor or fall into the wrong hands could be disastrous, harming your reputation by imposing high fines if breaching the data protection act or GDPR.

From step one of our five-step processes, we handle all data-bearing assets with utmost importance ensuring they are processed using our Secure Data Destruction service. 

Our solution ensures all data is removed and cannot be recovered. If the data cannot be destroyed the data-bearing asset is physically destroyed.

The IT Asset Disposal Process

We provide a fully audited and transparent Service at every stage of the IT Retirement process

Initial Contact

We need an estimate of how many items you are wanting to recycle. This allows us to send the correct equipment, vehicle & staff and provide any required documentation.

Free Collection

Your assets are securely collected by our security-vetted staff & GPS tracked vans & delivered to our Secure facility for processing

Processing Report

Report generated from collected assets stating serial number, model, and manufacturer.

Data Destruction

Identifying markings & data securely removed from each asset. If we cannot remove the data from the asset it will be physically destroyed

Disposal Report & Certificate

Asset report & certificate of secure data destruction. Advising which method of data destruction was implemented per asset

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All our services are offered to businesses and organisations completely free of charge, however, if a large number of monitors/LCDs/TVs require recycling we require there to be a data-bearing asset per monitor recycled or a fee will apply (This will be advised before collection) Often equipment can have a residual value that we can use to offset our processing costs and even generate a positive return for our clients. Please contact us if you require more information.

The Most recent reviews from our clients who have used our services

  • The service from Chaps IT Recycling LTD was exemplary. I had full peace of mind that the laptops had been disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. There was even... read more

    Brendan O'Brien Avatar Brendan O'Brien
    July 31, 2023

    Great communication with the company. Items were collected on the date and time set. Pleasure to do business with.

    Catherine Rouse Avatar Catherine Rouse
    July 29, 2023

    Really quick and excellent customer service as well as being free, you can't ask for much better. Thanks so much Dom & Team

    Pippa Avatar Pippa
    July 22, 2023
  • Super helpful in finding me a charger, etc. will 100 percent be back and recommend to others.

    Matthew Stephens Avatar Matthew Stephens
    July 5, 2023

    What a great team, if you get chance to speak with Dom you will see why I gave them 5 stars

    Damiean Kemet AKA - TLK UK Avatar Damiean Kemet AKA - TLK UK
    July 5, 2023

    Fantastic service as usual from the lads at ChapsIT. Quick, efficient, professional and friendly - what more can you ask for?

    Kieran C Avatar Kieran C
    July 5, 2023