We Buy & Recycle All IT Assets

Chaps IT Recycling is a provider of sustainable & secure IT asset retirement & data destruction solutions for businesses & organisations based in the UK

IT Recycling provided free of charge to all sectors

Our services are free of charge to businesses in all sectors & are fully GDPR Compliant

At Chaps IT Recycling we understand that keeping up with your competitors requires keeping your IT infrastructure up to date.

We also understand Asset retirement costs data security and your duty to comply to GDPR & Enviromental regulations are of paramount importance.

Hence we have developed multiple solutions and services which delivers on all these requirements.

Items We Recycle


PCs and laptops, we recycle your redundant assets. Secure data destruction carried out on all data bearing assets

Apple Assets

iMac to iPhone we have the knowledge & specialised equipment to remove all data from your apple devices

Server & Datacenter

We recycle all server , NAS & datacenter related equipment from a full datacenter decommission to a single server


Any size monitor , working or not working we can collect and recycled all LCD and LED monitors

Data Media

Hard drives , SSDs , tapes , memory cards . Faulty or working we assure all data will be destroyed

Peripherals & Printers

MF printers , plotters, keyboard, mice .We work with charity’s and schools to make sure these items are re-used to their best potential¬†

Complete IT Recycling & Disposal Solutions

Chaps IT Recycling provides free of charge IT disposal, recycling & asset management to all business sectors based in the UK . Through experience we have created solutions for our customers which not only provide quick turn around times but provide you with a feeling of security knowing your data has been processed correctly & your redundant IT assets will be collected & treated in the correct way.

As a specialist computer disposal company with a background in IT solutions & infrastructure we provide and implement the best proven methods and procedures to ensure your redundant IT assets are handled securely and disposed of correctly.

Our complete IT retirement process offers a transparent 5 step service starting from the initial contact to the delivery of the report & certificate of secure data destruction .


IT Recycling provided free of charge to all sectors


Secure Data Destruction

Chaps IT Recycling understands at the upmost paramount how important a company or organisations data can be. We deal with marketing agencies, architects, graphic designers and the many other companies which have Terabytes and sometimes Petabytes of sensitive information. If this data was to be discovered by a competitor or fall into the wrong hands could be disastrous, harming your reputation imposing high fines if breaching the data protection act or GDPR regulations.

From step one of our five step process we handle all data bearing assets with upmost importance ensuring they are processed using our Secure Data Destruction service. 

Our solution ensures all data is removed and cannot be recovered. If the data cannot be destroyed the data bearing asset is physically destroyed.

The IT Asset Disposal Process

We provide a fully audited and transparent Service at every stage of the IT Retirement process

Initial Contact

Providing a brief list of any assets which you wish to dispose of. We can advise if a rebate is possible

Free Collection

Your assets are securely collected by our security vetted staff & GPS tracked vans & delivered to our facility for processing

Collection Report

Report generated from collected assets stating serial number , model , manufacturer at the point of collection 

Data Destruction

Identifying markings & data securely removed from each asset. If we cannot remove the data the asset will be physically destroyed

Recycling Report & Certificate

Asset report & certificate of secure data destroy. Advising which method of data destroy was implemented per asset

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Ready to get in touch ?

You can speak to us via live chat or by clicking the button below.